Time-lapse Not Just For NatGeo

Within the last five years, the use of DSLR cameras for high-end video productions has become increasingly commonplace. And their unique ability to shoot in low-light environments, tight and otherwise inaccessible places, as well as having a high dynamic range, has led to the resurgence of an age-old technique – time-lapse photography.

The technique, once reserved for NatGeo-type documentaries of flowers blossoming and clouds forming, has become a useful stylistic tool for filmmakers, particularly in the music video world where more abstract and experimental storytelling and photography is often employed.

Our talented friend and colleague, Ethan Chancer, recently directed Estonian pop star Kerli’s addictive new video for her song “The Lucky Ones.” In the video, Ethan utilized time-lapse (including some clips shot by our own William Philbin) as a thematic element to help bind together the characters in the story with Kerli’s performance, the pulsating EDM tone of the song, and the realism and grittiness of their environments.

Check it out and you’ll understand why we’re excited to work with Ethan more in the future.